Io Palmer 
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Leisure Labor (cloud)2012

Materials: Bobbypins pinned onto wood-backed canvas panels, chimney sweep, orange paint, wrench, welded steel hook

To create this work, I glean from a variety of formal objects associated with class. In Leisure Labor (cloud), pattern was appropriated from couture designer Charles Fredrick Worth’s 1920’s beaded dress, a fifteen-foot vintage steel chimney sweep and bright orange, a color signifying safety and attention in public places. 

Thousands and thousands of bobby pins were pinned onto board-backed canvas to create elaborately ornamented ten foot and five foot long cloud shapes. The mundanely humble grooming tool; the bobby pin, suggests excessive opalescent weighted crystals. Joined together with a curved fifteen-foot chimney sweep, this work speaks to the non-linear, at times ironic narrative that constructs societies’ social divisions.