Io Palmer 
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Your Wish My Command
Dimensions: 15' x 18' x 1"
Materials: Machine cut wood, paint, notions, fabric, nails, sound and fan
Shown at Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Pullman, WA
September, 2018

Your Wish, My Command is comprised of over 400 wooden machine cut vanity mirrors suspended on a wall by small metal nails. This piece is inspired by societal preoccupations with selfies, adornment and body manipulation. The work is made to shimmer and dance, projecting its reflective symbolism onto the viewer like an old Vegas coin sign. All the while it is swayed by a cheap fan, costing $8.99. My aim is to make work that is equal parts tacky, elegant, labored and casual, making space that illuminates both privileged and obscured bodies, spaces and images.